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What are you waiting mod for Mafia?
Alive Bars mod v.30 (this is my) 11%  11%  [ 1 ]
Boz Mod by djbozkosz 11%  11%  [ 1 ]
City Bars mod v.2 by golod55 22%  22%  [ 2 ]
Vito & Joe's Adventures by robertRobin88 22%  22%  [ 2 ]
The Alive mod v.20 22%  22%  [ 2 ]
Mafia (extended version) 11%  11%  [ 1 ]
Another mod 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
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 Заголовок сообщения: What to expect ahead, or new mods for Mafia soon!
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So it was interesting to learn the news about new modifications for the Mafia, that must come out, I suggest at least occasionally to maintain this theme :)
Bye for now receive a serious bid from djbozkosz in English translation:
djbozkosz писал(а):
Overall changes in Freeride:
reworked freeride scipts: speeding, gun shop
light auto-health
camera fov - for better acceleration and brake effect in the car
jump out of the car
photomode - custom camera set, save camera, etc.
dynamic weather and day cycle, sun ray effect, volumetric lights
reflective water - Water Shader (special thanks: MR F) + own water with sun reflection
reflective road
water isn't deadly now
draw distance is increased to three kilometers
sparial grass and other vegetation
work on road, common jumping platforms
various types of missions: action from Salieri, something with cars from Lucas
Changes in Freeride: City:
new locations: Salieri's bar, Morello's bar, Italian Garden, Bertone's service, Tommy's house, aisle from Running Man mission, factory from Just For Relaxation mission (available in mission), etc.
cars on every car parks, some park are secured
subway - is linked on the old elevated railroad, from Winslet Ave in Little Italy over train station in Works Quarter, under harbor to Municipal Building in Central Island, then over Downtown to church in Oakwood and to Market Ave in Hoboken
countryside as background
Changes in Freeride: Countryside:
new locations: Clarks Motel, meadows and fields which were unavailable before - around motel, farms and behind rest stop, road to the hill in the center of coutryside, hole near downhill from big bridge, Deadfall Pass - pass behind the dam, road around vineyards - both are conversions from PlayStation 2 game version
new city and countryside as background, patches in countryside - new forests, etc.
Changes which are visible in whole game:
high resolution ground textures
HD trees + mipmapping
mipmapping for all buildings in the city
enhanced reflection for all cars
some more modified textures (blood, glows, particle effects, etc.)
inproved gun sounds, glass sounds, etc.

Read more here.
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