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Freeride Supreme mod by Darren

Willkommen auf der offiziellen Homepage des Freeride Supreme Modus. Der Freeride Supreme Modus ist eine umfangreiche Modifikation für das preisgekrönte Videospiel Mafia - the City of Lost Heaven, die einen komplett neuen Spielmodus einführt — Freeride Supreme!

Freeride Supreme
Ähnlich wie im normalen Freie Fahrt Modus kann in Freeride Supreme Geld verdient und ausgegeben werden. Ihr könnt entweder als Gangster eure Widersacher ausschalten, oder als Arbeiter Kisten an Geschäfte ausliefern und Passanten per Taxi befördern. Das verdiente Geld könnt ihr dann in viele nützliche Dinge investieren, beispielsweise luxuriöse Autos. Ausführliche Informationen über die Features von Freeride Supreme findet ihr in der gleichnamigen Kategorie. Schaut euch für einen ersten Eindruck in Videos zur Mod und bei Fragen in FAQ um. Besonders interessant sind die Presseartikel, die über Freeride Supreme erschienen sind... Allen Interessenten wird viel Spaß beim Spielen dieser Modifikation gewünscht!

Freeride Supreme
So... The Freeride Supreme mode is a large modification for the award-winning video game Mafia - the City of Lost Heaven and introduces a completely new game mode.

Gangster missions. In the streets of Lost Heaven five of Salieri's men can be found who give Tommy missions. They wear a grey coat and a dark hat. Tommy receives one of four missions randomly and has to go to a random place to finish it. Then he returns to the mobster who gave him the mission and receives money as a reward and after that Tommy can drop by a later time again.

Freeride Supreme
Gangster missions can be done over and over again under different circumstances, but it's not possible to receive two different missions from the same gangster in a row.

Freeride Supreme
- Suit and hat.
- Not being on a mission already.

Freeride Supreme
Deliveries. A foreman and a truck can be found at a small warehouse near Salieri's warehouse in Hoboken. The truck is loaded with several crates. Tommy can deliver these crates to shops, that is one crate to one shop. When Tommy arrives at a shop he has to move one of the crates from the truck near the entrance of the shop.

Freeride Supreme
The amount of money Tommy receives is determined by the amount of crates he delivered until he talks to the foreman again. Therefor it's possible to decide how many crates shall be delivered.

- Worker clothes.
- Not being on a mission already.

Taxi driving. At the parking lot near the Municipal building on Central Island is a taxi that can be used to transport pedestrians. Tommy receives money after his passenger reached its destination. The amount of money is determined by the transportation speed. Tommy can then accept the next ride by sounding his horn. To abort he simply drives the taxi back to the parking lot on Central Island. Then Tommy has to wait a certain amount of time before he can use the taxi again.

Freeride Supreme
A ride is time limited, the passengers tell Tommy where they want to go and comment on his driving behavior.

- Worker clothes.
- Not being on a mission already.

Changing clothes. Changing clothes is important in Freeride Supreme, because clients talk to Tommy and give him jobs only if he wears the right clothes. If Tommy wears a suit and a hat he can do gangster missions, if he wears worker clothes he can deliver crates and drive taxi. Tommy can change his clothes at home in Oak Wood (Extreme house) or at four clothes shops on purchase.

Freeride Supreme
The clothes shops can be identified by the "Joes clothes" sign.

- Not being on a mission already.

Buying and selling weapons. Yellow Pete's shop works similar to normal Free Ride mode. In addition weapons can be sold there, when Tommy knocks the iron door at the back of the shop and chooses the weapon from his inventory.

Freeride Supreme
- When inside a mission, being hinted at being able to go to the shop.

Buying cars. Tommy can go to the car dealers in Chinatown and Hoboken and buy luxury cars, which can only be found there. To buy a car Tommy simply has to get into it. The following cars are available:
- Lassiter V16 Roadster,
- Lassiter V16 Appolyon,
- Lassiter V16 Fordor,
- Bruno Speedster,
- Celeste Marque,
- Trautenberg Model J,
- Thor Sedan 812,
- Silver Fletcher.

Freeride Supreme
Both car dealers offer the same types of cars but some cars are colored differently.

- Not being on a mission already.

Learning to steal cars. Tommy can learn how to steal a new faster type of car from Ralph on purchase. The following types of cars are available and ordered like this:
- Shubert Six,
- Falconer,
- Lassiter V16 Phaeton,
- Bolt V8,
- Ulver Airstream,
- Shubert Extra Six,
- Thor 810,
- Crusader Chromium,
- Guardian Terraplane,
- Wright.

Freeride Supreme
After a while Tommy is hinted at going to Ralph again.

- Not being on a mission already.

Removing cars. If Tommy walks up the stairs in Ralph's garage and knocks the door he can remove cars from the garage.

Freeride Supreme
As long as Tommy can't steal the car under the roofing in the backyard of Salieri's Bar, he can't remove it from the garage.

- Not being on a mission already.

Repairing cars. Tommy can repair his car at Lucas Bertone's service station like in normal Free Ride mode. In addition he can do that in Ralph's garage. At Bertone's service station Tommy has to position his car on the service list, in Ralph's garage he has to sound the horn after positioning his car on the service lift.

Freeride Supreme
Price lists can be found in both garages to see what the costs are for a car.

- Not being on a mission already.

Restoring health. Tommy can heal himself by using the first aid kit either at home in Oak Wood (Extreme house) for free or at the hospital in New Ark and the backyard of Salieri's Bar on purchase.

Freeride Supreme
- Not being on a mission already.

Saving game. Tommy can save the game either at home in Oak Wood (Extreme house) for free or at Salieri's Bar and Clark's Motel on purchase. At home Tommy can use the door next to the first aid kit, at Salieri's Bar and at Clark's Motel he knocks the front door.

Freeride Supreme
- Not being on a mission already.

FAQ » Questions before and after installing

Can I download Freeride Supreme already?
Yes. The download link can be found in Downloads - here or here.

Is Freeride Supreme free of costs?
Yes. All downloads are for free and that won't change.

Which version of Mafia do I need to play?
Freeride Supreme was tested as being playable with all versions of Mafia.

What languages are supported in Freeride Supreme?
German and English are supported. If you install Freeride Supreme you can choose the language you want to use.

Does Freeride Supreme replace any other game mode?
No. Story, Free Ride and Free Ride Extreme mode can be played without limitations.

Will any of my savegames be overwritten?
No. Freeride Supreme has its own savegames.

Can I install another modification while using Freeride Supreme?
It's strongly recommended not to install other modifications, because files used and needed by Freeride Supreme might be overwritten. An indication of this problem is a message, asking "Do you really wish to replace file XYZ".

How do I install Freeride Supreme?
Download Freeride Supreme from Downloads and follow the instructions.

How can I start Freeride Supreme?
Start tutorial from main menu and press the horn button (default = K or B, maybe) until Freeride Supreme starts. Please, check how you've set the horn button in your control settings.

Freeride Supreme doesn't start. What can I do about that?
You probably (1) forgot to use the DataXtractor or (2) extracted all data from the game archives after you installed Freeride Supreme. In case of (2) some data of Freeride Supreme have been replaced. Reinstall Freeride Supreme then.

Where can I find clients, car dealers, clothes shops etc.?
You can insert a map into the game showing you all important locations. You can choose to insert this map while installing Freeride Supreme.

Why can't I talk to clients?
You're probably not wearing the right clothes. Read Changing clothes in Features.

Ask other questions or write wishes and gratitudes here or here, because an official site of the author stopped working (now all questions here).

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