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Alive mod

Once again I tell you why after the 16th version comes just 18th. If kto-to does not know from the very beginning Alive mod was produced, and its version numbered in the following way - odd version numbers, this is only version for beta testers, they may contain errors, and those versions do not need to be exposed to players. A version with an even number, this is the version tested and bug fixes, which contains the same features as the previous version with an odd number.

You may ask, what about, for example, version 15, which can still be found on the Internet, how it got there, unless intended for beta testers. It's very simple! Some dishonest "testers" were taking beta Alive mod supposedly for testing, they swore they were not distributed, but the next day, put them on their websites. Like this! How do you think these people are well received? In my opinion, it's the same thieves, as plagiarists! Not only that, they lied to me, so still and spoiled all the fun the players, palming them not test version of my mod. Not to mention that it spoiled my reputation! I often had to answer questions about problems and bugs in Alive mod, BUT! Typically, in a large percentage of cases, it was found out that this player is exactly the 15th not tested version, which he downloaded on some unknown site! There were cases when the archive with the mod changed without my knowledge, that generally unacceptable! Naturally, all this stuff and then not tested.

Gamers, you do that, we need bugs and glitches?
Why are you shaking your Alive mod with any garbage dumps,
and not from the official websites ?!

What is the 18 version of Alive Mod?

Eighteenth version was released as update for version 16. This means that the archive with a new version placed only critical and modified files. Therefore, if you have not installed Alive mod v.16, then you must first install it and then install the top of the Alive mod v.18, replacing the old files with new ones.

The decision to release the new version as the update was made for two reasons:
1) to reduce the file size, it is obvious why upload files again if you already have;
2) to save the file with an older version of modification, just as I still have the Alive mod v.10, because, in fact, is a completely different game, because there is a completely different game-play.

Important! Changes in Version 18 have been made only in the modes of day-City, Town and Country-night-day, the other modes, such as Country-night, small town and port change has not been so in the archive with version 18 are not included.

New features in Alive Mod 18

A new mission on the truck
Added a super-weapon bomber
Added city taxes
Added function to restore health
Changed the logic of super-weapons work
These functions have been added to the City Day and Night City.

Changes in Version 18

The behavior of almost all the characters have been changed. They have now a different demeanor, health level and aggressiveness. This will make the game in the Alive mod unusual, that is essentially updates the game-play, and will make it an even greater variety. For example, suicide is no longer dull, predictable and straightforward chasing Tommy. Now, a terrorist has become smarter and more dangerous, he can run away or hide from Tom, but at the wrong time, when you have to think about it have forgotten, it will pop up from somewhere with his bomb! So, it is desirable to find him and kill him immediately, as soon as Don asked. If you can.

Another example, the urban gangs are now not as invulnerable as before, they can be destroyed by conventional weapons, but they did not become any less dangerous! Basically, their behavior was changed due to the addition of the mission with the truck. The fact that the truck turned out to be a very effective tool in the fight against urban gangs!

Another example of a change in behavior, are now bodyguards will not stand it when they shoot Tommy, it's unnatural, when they only writhe and moan. Now they will be able to fight back in such a way that not only does not seem to Tom! However, if Tom will be able to destroy them, you will earn a decent amount of money - the Mafia, in a word ...

Significantly altered logic of super-weapons! Now they have become more multi-functional and versatile.

Finally managed to remove those annoying barriers when leaving the city! Field trips are now as we want and should have been.

Well, there were many changes, so to speak, in the little things ... I'm not going to tell all, and then you will be interested to play ...

I wish you an enjoyable game! © MikeMouse

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запили мне дверь Смех
У меня Black Metal 4WD при выстрелах из пушки взрывает сама себя, можно это как-то исправить версия игры 1.3
Потому что мод сделан для версии 1.0, а у тебя 1.3 (хотя кажется на самом деле такой нет, есть 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, а 1.3 какой-то самопал, но не суть). Играй в мод или на версии 1.0, или скачай патч для своей версии игры (просто кинь в папку с игрой содержимое архива). Удачного прохождения! Улыбка
И да, этот патч патчит игру, пардон за тавтологию, до версии 1.0, а не мод Подмигнуть При этом экзешник твоей версии не будет заменён, просто появится новый exe-файл Game v.1.0 и один файлик с расширением .dll.
У меня Black Metal 4WD при выстрелах из пушки взрывает сама себя, можно это как-то исправить версия игры 1.3
убийца крови
возник вопрос когда убил чувака в туалете и загрузил сейв заново то при входе в бар меня телепортирует из него и при сохранении в будке пишет дон сальери был недоволен
Это же Аливе мод ты проходил, не Алив Барс мод? В Аливе моде в туалете сидят только девка в чулках и охранник, моющий руки. Их можно убивать, но при этом в баре начнётся паника, которая не понравится Луиджи, который также начнёт стрелять в Томми. И я немножко не понял: зачем, Читать полностью »
а какой пароль надо вводить когда устанавливаешь alive mod 16
Пароля на архив НЕТ! На моём сайте по крайней мере точно нет Смущение Откуда скачивал? Если с другого ресурса, то попробуй вставить имя архива. Как правило, на странице скачивания указывают пароль. Или в ридми пишут. А лучше перекачай с этого сайта - здесь пароля нет Улыбка
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